Top 10 Most Hottest Country Music Men

Top 10 Most Hottest Country Music Men

This is where you fan yourself using your hand, quickly making your top picks, or squealing in excitement to see if one of your handsome country music men made it to this list.

Nowadays, hotness sometimes is determined by something other than the figure and facial aspects. It can be attributed to talent, abilities, and passion. Long gone (kind of) are the days when men are hot because of what they wear. Country music men wearing a white tank top, jeans, and a hat? Hot. Country music men exude charm and emotion through their songs. Hot. Country music men with their songs topping multiple charts? Hot. We’re already in this era where we look past a person’s physical attributes. 

These artists are proof that hot isn’t sometimes meant to be taken literally. In this generation, hot is defined by hard work, love and passion, and sincerity in your chosen craft.

From Gary Allan to Sam Hunt, the boys of Florida Georgia Line, and Blake Shelton, these men aren’t only looking to slay the charts with their songs; they’re out here to snatch our hearts with their powerful and soothing vocals and their lovely visuals in their music videos. Even the men from the 90s deserve a spot on this list! Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw made sure to steal the spotlight with their charismatic staredowns in pictures during their younger years.

Just the sheer talent, charisma, and passion of these men already make them the hottest country music male singers.

1. Blake Shelton

Do you mean nine Grammy Award nominations? Gold and platinum (triple, by the way) album certifications by the RIAA? Hell yeah, Blake Shelton made it here! Most of his songs topped the country charts upon release, as proved by the album certifications by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on most of his albums.

2. Kane Brown

At first glance, Kane Brown has the charm that no one else has. You can immediately recognize him because of his facial features. You probably don’t know, but Kane Brown became the first artist to simultaneously have a single top-five chart. Please talk about the immense talent we’ve got there.

3. Clint Black

Clint Black stole the spotlight with two triple-platinum albums, his prominent jawline, and his distinct way of smiling. Black radiates warmth and bright energy that makes you want to smile when you see him, too, even if it’s just in the pictures. Have I mentioned his jawline that just stood out while he was during his younger years?

4. Keith Urban

Long hair? Not a problem for Keith Urban. The four-time Grammy Award winner made his way into our hearts with his subtle smirk and a small smile. Urban’s third album was certified four-time platinum by the RIAA because of the number of copies sold globally. It’s no surprise that Urban is one of today’s hot male country singers because of his talent and smile.

5. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly

Our boys of the Florida Georgia Line made it to the list, this time because of how they’re physically built. Have you seen their photos of them wearing tank tops? They’ve been working out hard. Aside from that, their debut song, “Cruise,” broke a significant sales record by becoming a single that was downloaded over seven million times. A fact that added to their handsomeness, ey?

6. Sam Hunt

Warming, charming, beautiful, and all other adjectives are not enough to describe how bright Sam Hunt’s smile is. Playing football during high school and college helped form his current athletic build. He released several record-breaking songs and chart-topping albums, which shows how incredibly talented he is. 

7. Jason Aldean

Those piercing brown eyes, charming smile, and overall aura are why Jason Aldean is one of the most handsome country singers today. His charisma in his music videos and the emotion he pours out from his songs earned him a spot on this list. Also, talk about nailing that hat!

8. Kenny Chesney

Muscles build muscles and create. Kenny Chesney has won the Entertainer Award of the Year from the Country Music Association Awards. Chesney goes all out for his performances, giving out his best, sometimes in just a tank top and denim jeans. And yes, you can witness the perfection of his arm muscles.

9. Thomas Rhett

Award-winning country music singer and songwriter Thomas Rhett graces this list of the hottest country singers because of his cute and shy-like smile. Debuting in 2013, he has co-written and performed hits that made it to the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Also, almost all of his songs were certified platinum by the RIAA multiple times.

10. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw’s combination of talent, vocal prowess, and sharp good looks land him a spot on our list. With over 80 million records sold worldwide and three Grammy Awards (not to mention other awards) under his name, he proves that passion and hard work make the dream work. 

And that concludes our list for the hottest country music men! Watch out for the new releases of your favorite on our list and be sure to follow them.

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