All Hallowed goes seamlessly from folk to dance-pop


Six strings not required: “When I do music, I always want it to be as unique as possible. We decided we weren’t going to have guitars anywhere on this project. Bass and drums are the only instruments. I had been working on bass lines and guitar riffs so it was like a good collaboration with her coming up with melody lines for the lyrics she had written. Most of the lyrics were probably from one to two full pages of non-stop poetry and stories she had written. Most of the album’s songs came from that first braindump.”

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Popside sessions: “For the last decade, we’ve faithfully been Micah Carli supporters. We started recording the All Hallowed songs during the pandemic. We all mesh so well together. Whenever I’ve worked with Micah in other bands, he’s great at coaching you into being a better band. It’s never like, ‘I’m into this genre, let’s go this way.’ He just wants you to be the best version of yourself and it was the exact same with this project.”

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Who: All Hallowed with the 1984 Draft, Jill & Micah and Place Position

Where: Yellow Cab Tavern, 700 E. Fourth St., Dayton

When: 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4

Cost: $7 in advance, $10 day of event

More info: 937-424-3870 or

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