B.Miles embraces change on “One Track Pony” – Aipate

B.Miles embraces change on “One Track Pony” – Aipate

Her first single in two years, New York singer-songwriter B.Miles‘ “One Track Pony” was long overdue. But artists also have personal issues to deal with.

In fact, “One Trick Pony” candidly delves into those low moments when she felt engulfed by a feeling disillusionment. It all had to do with the apparent difficulty in replicating earlier music success.

But she’s learnt to confront such thoughts and embrace change. “I’m working to shed a past version of myself and figure out what truly makes me happy,” B.Miles says.

Musically, this indie-pop track feels warm. The artist’s velvety vocals lay smoothly atop the melody-filled instrumentation. “One Track Pony” is magnificent in deed.

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