Belle Mt. return with new song, “Life Support” – Aipate

Belle Mt. return with new song, “Life Support” – Aipate

Arriving early October, “Life Support” is the first release from Belle Mt. (pronounced ‘Belle Mont’) in a while. Belle Mt. are an alt-pop trio from London.

Their music is both sonically pleasing and lyrically poetic. With “Life Support”, they created an indie-rock tune with an intriguingly cryptic meaning.

Band member Matt. Belmont reveals, “‘Life Support’ was written in the midst of what may have been the most chaotic 12 months in modern US history. There I was in mid 2019 planning my own move from London to Nashville (intended for mid 2020) while watching escalating US civil unrest and division on the TV, I was torn between that image of America and the inspiration and warmth I feel when I visit the US to write, record and perform. As I sat down to write about this I was determined that I didn’t want it to feel like I was kicking America when she was down, I toyed with the idea of using a metaphor and the scene in the song came to me; America cast in the role of the girl on Life Support and myself as the confused & delusional patient who has wandered out from the safety of the psych ward and ended up at her bedside. Convincing myself that we should be together with a vision informed only by one rosy picture I see on her bedside table illustrating an idealised vision of the past, determined not to give up on her and to see her returned to that.

Listen to “Life Support: and keep up with Belle Mt. on Instagram.

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