Have These Cacti Made the Album of the Year?

Have you ever wondered what thorny Cacti sound like? Or if they can even create a tone audible to human ears? Well, now you can listen to real-life Cacti in action courtesy of audiovisual artist Love Hultén.

The multi-faceted creative utilizes tech-forward wires to extract data from the desert plants through a custom-built sound machine that he handmade. How does he do it, you ask? First, Hultén clips the appliance onto the Cactus thorns and listens closely for their natural sound frequency to kick in.

The result is an eerie tune that gives off a haunting attitude, and the artist chose to create distinct songs from every sound. Titled “Desert Songs,” Hultén analyses the Cacti’s natural vibrations and records the electrical current transmitted from the plants. So while the Cacti work together to create synchronized melodies, they might have just made the album of the year.

Listen to “Desert Songs” above.

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