#ListenUp Being’s There is here from Apartment Records

#ListenUp Being's There is here from Apartment Records

Where has this record been my whole life? I have an immodest fetish for ’90s-era electronic psychedelia and Being is a kind of savant at it (“Being” is the artist’s moniker; There is the title of the album).

From Scotland, Being’s eight track record was “recorded to tape” from 1992 to 1995 and is first released in similar format on cassette by Apartment Records.

“Boxroom” is the music I imagined was played at raves before I went to one, made by musicians in abandoned power stations on gear you couldn’t even identify much less understand: a mainframe of colorful bleeps, structured loops and clairsentient hypnotic chants.

Other tracks like “Block” and “Extra Summer” evoke the meditative sound design of Paul Haslinger. But none of it sounds the same: there’s a unique character here, a musical fingerprint that is quite unlike anything else I’ve heard and which must belong to Being alone.

Being: There is out now, on limited cassette and digital download from Bandcamp.

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Being: There (Apartment Records / August 2022 / Cassette + Digital) Track Listing
1. Being: Boxroom (09:03)
2. Being: Block (07:44)
3. Being: Sonsie (09:52)
4. Being: Extra Summer (06:08)
5. Being: Towels (08:54)
6. Being: Fzzzzz (08:22)
7. Being: Space Again 2 (18:41)
8. Being: Spots (08:23)

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