Payday reveals “Shadow Puppets” ahead of new EP – Aipate

Payday reveals “Shadow Puppets” ahead of new EP – Aipate

18-year-old artist/songwriter Payday will be releasing her Trips to Venus EP next Friday, November 4.

To get you in the mood for that project, here is her latest single “Shadow Puppets”. This melancholic alt-pop track came in the company of an animated visual.

“Shadow Puppets” is a dark, candid take on loneliness and mental health. Paydays’ vulnerable lyrics and emotive vocals make the song so moving.

As a whole, the upcoming EP features a coming-of-age story delving into the highs and lows of young adulthood. Topics such as heartbreak, mental anguish, self-destruction, growing apart from friends and loss of identity are explored.

Listen to “Shadow Puppets” and ensure you dive into the whole EP when it drops next Friday. Check out Payday’s Instagram page.

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