Piers James reveals “Showbiz” video – Aipate

Piers James reveals “Showbiz” video – Aipate

UK rapper Piers James returned a couple of weeks ago with his latest single, “Showbiz”. The title-track of his forthcoming EP, it was also included in the new FIFA 2023 soundtrack.

“Showbiz” arrived accompanied by an eye-catching visual which Piers himself directed. That video is just as explosive as the emcee’s lyricism.

“Showbiz” carries James’ comments about the music industry. He explains, Piers says: “‘Showbiz’ explores the experience of navigating the creative industry. That can place restrictions on an artist’s creativity to be a digestible product for the masses. The question is, do you serve your true artistry or do you serve the algorithm?

Watch the video and keep up with Piers James on Instagram.

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