Matilde G reveals “Hypocrite” single & video – Aipate

Matilde G reveals “Hypocrite” single & video – Aipate

Italian-born Singapore-based teenage star Matilde G released a new single last Friday. The 17-year-old singer named this one “Hypocrite”. It is an upbeat and anthemic electro pop track which she paired with a brilliantly shot video.

“Hypocrite” finds a vexed Matilde yelling out her frustrations while still showing some understanding towards an ex.

She explains, “I wasn’t respected and treated correctly, I started wondering if I was doing something wrong, I felt bad because I didn’t know why I deserved to be treated like this by boys. That’s when it hit me. I’m not the problem, if these people aren’t happy with themselves they can make you happy. I realised that other people’s actions don’t define who I am, only me and my actions define who I am. In response to that I came out of this situation stronger then ever, ready to live my life at its fullest, knowing that I’m not the wrong one, but these hypocritical people that are all talk and no actions are.”

Matilde wrote this song in Stockholm, Sweden together with Isak Alvendahl, Karl-Oskar Gummesson and Josefin Glenmark.

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