See Jonah Kagen’s “hill that i’ll die on” video – Aipate

See Jonah Kagen’s “hill that i’ll die on” video – Aipate

I’m sure you’ll love this song “hill that i’ll die on” by singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen. The track is out on Arista Records and came with an amazing visual accompaniment.

Dominated by an acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, “hill that i’ll die on” is a sentimental indie-pop ballad.

Jonah says, “‘hill that i’ll die on’ is such a special song to me. It speaks to the sentiment of knowing that you’ll love someone and be there for them even at their lowest point, and that there’s nothing in the world that would ever make you question that. I was lucky enough to get to bring the song to life with my two incredible roommates (Sarcastic Sounds and Hayd), and it feels good to finally have all three of our names on something. Aside from that, I think this song marks an important direction for the sound and style of my music moving forward, and I can’t wait to share more stories with you all. Sending love!

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