Some Country Music Fans Are Not Buying Miranda Lambert’s Support of the LGBTQ Community

Miranda Lambert stands with her hand on her hip in front of a CMA Awards backdrop

Over the years, country singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert has become more outspoken about supporting the LGBTQ community. The singer attended WorldPride in New York City with her husband Brendan McLoughlin, her brother, and her brother-in-law in 2019 and released an original song called “Y’all Means All” for the Netflix series Queer Eye. However, some country music fans no longer think Lambert’s support is authentic.

Miranda Lambert | Jason Davis/WireImage

Miranda Lambert is an ally of the LGBTQ community

In 2021, Lambert was interviewed by GLAAD about how she became a supporter of the LGBTQ community. The singer discussed supporting her brother when he came out, the music video for her song “Tequila Does (Telemitry Remix),” and her song “All Kinds of Kinds.”

Speaking with GLAAD, Lambert also shared her opinion that country music is becoming more supportive.

“I think it is, and I love that. I’m really close with T.J. [Osborne]. In fact, we were texting about the video,” Lambert said in the interview. “It’s very cool to me that there is change in the air and that these people are being so brave to be like ‘This is who I am.’ I know Brooke Eden is another one.”

She continued, “And so I’m like this is awesome, why were we so bogged down or why did we care so much? Like this is just people being who they are. If we love their music we can love whoever they are no matter what.”

Miranda Lambert appeared at a Jason Aldean concert

On Oct. 14, 2022, country artist Jason Aldean held a concert in Nashville, Tennessee. During the concert, Maren Morris was booed by concertgoers after Aldean mentioned her name.

“I thought, man, who could I call?” Aldean said according to Billboard. “I got some friends in town. I could call Luke Bryan. I could call Kane Brown. See if Kenny Chesney’s here and not at the beach.”

When Aldean said Morris’ name, he looked out at the audience and shrugged, leading the audience to boo in response. When the crowd finished booing, Aldean brought out singer Morgen Wallen, a country artist infamously known for being caught saying the N-word.

Morris previously called out Aldean’s wife Brittany Aldean for her transphobic comments on Instagram. Since then, Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean have doubled down on their views.

During the concert on Oct. 14, 2022, Aldean also brought Lambert on stage to perform “Drowns the Whiskey.”

Some country music fans called out Miranda Lambert

After Lambert was filmed at the concert, some country music fans expressed their disappointment that Lambert associated with Aldean following his wife’s transphobic comments and his feud with Morris.

“Miranda has consistently been a disappointment for years so I’m not surprised at all. It’s the most exhausting being a country music fan,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Another fan wrote on Reddit, “Miranda even coming out proves she’s been pefrmative as hell! I hope her queer brother wasn’t hurt by this because I know I would be if a family member who claimed to be supportive was on stage with a bigot who booed an ally.”

Other fans tried to give Lambert “the benefit of the doubt” for appearing at Aldean’s concert.

“Part of me is even willing to give Miranda the benefit of the doubt… she hasn’t shared ANYTHING about it on her socials, or anything about supporting his views on trans kids/against Maren herself—but I am still disappointed as a fan who genuinely loves her music,” a Reddit user wrote.