songs out on November 4th – Aipate

songs out on November 4th – Aipate

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You’ve got to dive into this week’s roundup of new releases by listening to our New Release Friday playlist on Spotify. Five of those songs have their details posted below.

Old Jim x Emax x Jetason – “Got Me Hypnotized”

Quick-rising Italian dance producer Old Jim joined forces with Emax and singer Jetason and created “Got Me Hypnotized”. The house track is crammed with delicious melodies and is tropical-flavoured and summery. “Got Me Hypnotized” was penned by Emax and is about a jilted man who just can’t move on. From Jetason’s sultry vocals to the inviting production, this tune is irresistible.

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Natalie – “Torment”

Natalie has proved to be a creative triple threat; she is a singer, songwriter and producer. Her self-produced new single called “Torment” shows her various talents. The pop track carries a thumping bass which gives it its buoyant and playful allure. In contrast, however, the song is lyrically broody. About “Torment”, Natalie shared: “I started by creating the bassline, it inspired me immediately. It felt haunting yet playful and I knew I wanted to match that energy lyrically. My favorite songs are the ones that can transition you from your bedroom to a night out.”

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SonReal – “No Romance”

Canadian alt-pop artist SonReal (birthname Aaron Hoffman) has released a new album titled Nobody’s Happy All The Time. The 10-track LP includes “No Romance”. This song finds an introspective SonReal dealing dealing with the familiar and burdensome pressure to always be happy. His lyrics are relatable and delivery compelling. Nobody’s Happy All The Time is an album worth listening to.

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Darcy Lane – “2022 Without You”

Australia’s Darcy Lane is an exciting newcomer. She has a new single called “2022 Without You”. This is a catchy and upbeat post-breakup anthem that finds Darcy reveling in being single. “Initially inspired by the aftermath of a breakup, this song is about embracing the changes that life throws at you, moving on, and caring less. In a world where we receive constant reminders of our ex’s existence, it can be hard to ignore what they are doing and who they are doing it with. However, this song is a reminder to me, and hopefully some other people, that it actually does not matter what they are doing as long as you are living your best life,” she reveals. The artist’s previous release was her debut EP, Heartquakes.

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Crying Day Care Choir – “The Dreams Of Alice”

Swedish band Crying Day Care Choir have released “The Dreams Of Alice”. The song is the first single from their upcoming EP, Give Me Something Vol. 1. That EP will be the first collection to be released on the trio’s newly minted label, ELZ Productions. “The Dreams Of Alice” is generally a lively and joyful dream-pop song packed with synths and beautiful melodies. There’s high anticipation for the new EP which arrives on November 11.

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