A Composer’s Diary: World premiere of Cura

A Composer's Diary: World premiere of Cura

Just spent 25 hours in Kesälahti at the music festival Latosoitot! The 25 hours included three concerts (one this morning at 7AM!), swimming in a lake (three times!), sauna (two different kinds!) and the world premiere of Cura by the one and only Pekka Kuusisto and Tiina Karakorpi! Thank you to Anna-Liina Lindeberg for an amazing festival and to all her family for superb food, historical tours and heartwarming hospitality! These are moments when you know you are alive!

Happy composer after the premiere of Cura at Latosoitot 2022!


peter vaskThe piano from 1910 which works with a piano roll. Almost like a “disc clavier” but completely without electricity, but with the power of feet.

A still of the piano on which Cura was premiered.

One of the first bibles in Finland!

With two of my favourite musicians.
Selling amazing porridge and coffee at 7AM at Latosoitot. (The porridge was included in the ticket price! And it was one of the best porridges I have ever eaten!)

All the musicians who performed at 7:00 AM at Latosoitot.

Pekka and Tiina performing Clara Schumann at Latosoitot.

Markus Hohti performing at 7:00 AM some Peteris Vasks and Anna Meredith at the barn of Latosoitot on the 10th of July 2022

With Leena and Antti Ihamuotila after the premiere of Cura 9.7.2022.

Pekka and Tiina giving the world premiere of Cura at Mäntyniemen kartano 9.7.2022

Pekka and Tiina giving the world premiere of Cura 9 July 2022

Talking about Cura to a sold out audience before the premiere 9 July 2022.

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