Nebraska woman fulfilling lifelong dream of country music album

Nebraska woman fulfilling lifelong dream of country music album

Nebraska woman Darcia Ann will have her lifelong dream come true this month with the release of her country music album.

Darcia Ann, who grew up in the Nebraska Sandhills, has lived all over the state and resides in and has family in the Northeast Nebraska area. She’s had a 30-year career in the music industry.

“I had always just wanted to sing since I was really little,” Darcia Ann said. “I got my first guitar, real guitar I should say, at 9 and I started singing right away for the Ainsworth country music festival.”

Darcia Ann, who’s in the Nebraska and Colorado halls of fame, has opened for quite a few famous acts in the early days of her career, including Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, Patty Loveless, Neal McCoy and Lonestar.

Approximately nine weeks ago, Darcia Ann had been visiting Nashville, Tennessee, when she got her big break.

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“I went to Nashville to be with my friends and we went to a local place. I got up and sang and jam with the band and he [a music producer at Red Ridge Entertainment] was filling in for a man that was sick,” Darcia Ann said.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind and Darcia Ann recently recorded her album. She said she recorded at Studio 19 in Nashville and musicians that played with her on the album have played for such artists as Tim McGraw, Wynonna, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton and other well-known names.

Darcia Ann said her album, which consists of six songs, can be described as a combination of country ballad and classic rock. The name of the album has yet to be officially decided, but she said it will most likely be titled “Cowboy Up.” Some of the tunes are what she called “good two-steppin’ country” songs.

Notably, some of the songs have nods to Nebraska.

“One of the songs is called ‘Mama’s Mockingbird’ and it actually talks about the Nebraska Sandhills,” Darcia Ann said.

The song is also a tribute to her mother, who has passed away.

“In my world of music I always hear her voice saying ‘sing, fly baby fly. Just go sing for me, fly baby fly.’ And that’s what I put in my mockingbird song, just fly baby fly,” she said.

Another song is what she calls a homage to the rodeo community.

The album is set to be released in October.

“It is now being mixed and mastered in Nashville as we speak. And hopefully it will be ready for downloads to all the [platforms] Spotify, Pandora, by Halloween,” Darcia Ann said.

With her album soon coming out, Darcia Ann is opening for T Graham Brown. She will also be performing a concert in November in Nashville that will also be streamed.

“I’ve had such good support from friends and family and people that I’ve known around here for years and years,” Darcia Ann said.

Max Davis is a close friend of Darcia Ann’s. He said his wife, Margaret, and Darcia Ann were childhood friends. Davis noted that Darcia Ann is talented.

“She’s been really putting her heart and soul into this music thing. And we are proud of her and we support her,” Davis said.

“We’re ecstatic. This is a big deal for her.”

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