Archibald Slim Drops ‘Worldly Ways’ Album

Archibald Slim Drops ‘Worldly Ways’ Album

After taking a half decade off from this rap shit, Archibald Slim resurfaced last year with an incredible album in Fell Asleep Praying. And now, just over a calendar year later, the Atlanta rapper is right back at it with the release of his new album, Worldly Ways.

Rather than fumble over my words trying to break things down, I’m just gonna quote my guy Jeff Weiss – who is lightyears ahead of me (and most) with his writing – when he says Slim is like “Pusha T if he came up in the Dungeon Family” or “Isaiah Rashad if he came up trapping.”

“It’s a cautionary warning and a compact distillation of an artist caught between art and the streets, belief and agnosticism, self-destruction and the need for survival,” Weiss says. “With his seen-it-all drawl, he blends cryptic aphorisms with crime family sagas, and an indomitable spirit forged from the red clay. It’s the story of someone who managed to get out alive, and turn those experiences into something deeper. A song collection of blood and shadows, less concerned with showing you the way then revealing the darker paths glimpsed when you get caught traveling in a life too fast.”

Press play below and be sure to add Worldly Ways wherever you get music.

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