Brother Thunder share new song, “War”; listen – Aipate

Brother Thunder share new song, “War”; listen – Aipate

Formed by guitarist Chris Peña and vocalist Keith Sanders in 2020, Brother Thunder are a retro soul band from Austin, Texas. The other members of the group are Angelo Dulang (bass), Jacob Rapp (drums), John Cherry (keys) and Justin Malone (percussion).

I found the band’s new song “War” quite irresistible. The song was recorded by producer Beto Martinez. Brother Thunder say that “War” is a song of victorious self preservation.

Struggling in the throws of deep love with a person who is nothing but bad news, you say ‘enough is enough’. ‘War’ is the anthem for those who just can’t take it anymore. We’ve all been there before, we’ve all been tired of fighting. It’s always darkest before the light but now you can see it, because it’s breaking through over night,” reads a note from the band.

Listen to “War” and connect with Brother Thunder on Instagram.

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