December 17 – Dianña Releases Official Music Video For ‘Missing You Under The Mistletoe’

December 17 – Dianña Releases Official Music Video For ‘Missing You Under The Mistletoe’

Dianña (pronounced Dee-on-ya) is behind door number 17 of our Essential Advent Calendar, with the official music video for her festive single, ‘Missing You Under The Mistletoe’.

The song was produced and mixed by Mark Needham and recorded at Kent Wells Productions Studio in Nashville.

Produced and directed by Fon Davis of Fonco Studios in Los Angeles, the video features Dianña singing, with backing vocals by Kent Wells. She has a very familiar, and comforting tone, with an easy delivery style all her own.

Speaking of ‘Missing You Underneath The Mistletoe’, Dianña said,

I wrote the first draft of “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe” over ten years ago but couldn’t seem to come up with a good ending. When I was thinking about writing a Christmas song last year it popped up in my drafts. The ending was kind of sad reflecting where I was in my life at the time. But things in my life have changed for the better and the new happy ending just flowed out naturally.

You can watch the video for ‘Missing You Under The Mistletoe’ below.

Dianña has found her true calling as a traditional country music singer/songwriter after having written, recorded and performed with many well-known R&B, rap, rock, pop, gospel, alternative, and country artists from Snoop Dogg to Amy Grant.  

Dianña’s debut Country single and music video, ‘Andale Yeehaw’ was released in late 2018.  She released two more original light-hearted singles in 2019; ‘Rubberneck’, about men’s tendencies when they see a pretty girl, and ‘You Got Some Nerve’, about online dating.

In 2020 she released the original country version of her novelty song, ‘Calm Down Karen’, which was played over 50 million times on TikTok.  The success of the country version led her to release a POP version in late 2021 ‘Calm Down Karen- Can I Speak to a Manager’ Remix, which reached #48 on the BDS/Billboard Top 40 POP Indicator chart.

Dianña’s newest release ‘Gonna Take a Real Strong Man’ is the first of several new songs she was inspired to write after wading through an old storage locker full of long-suppressed, often painful memories. It is a poignant look back at some of the events that have shaped her life, and the demons she still deals with today.

Find out more about Dianña and her music online on her official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, ‎Apple Music, and YouTube.