Esteemed Wigan musician Mark Peters to end the year on high at The Old Courts

Esteemed Wigan musician Mark Peters to end the year on high at The Old Courts

Mark Peters is an esteemed musician, composer and producer held in especially high regard for his acclaimed solo work and his earlier releases with the band Engineers.

He is set to perform live at The Old Courts on Saturday, December 3.

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Mark Peters, 2022.

Mark will perform music from his solo album Red Sunset Dreams, the follow-up to his hugely acclaimed debut Innerland.

Like its predecessor, Red Sunset Dreams is an album about an imaginary landscape.

Innerland was an introspective psycho-geographic trip inspired by Mark’s move back to his home town of Wigan and the memories it stirred up, whereas Red Sunset Dreams looks outwards, across the Atlantic to the USA, but is seen very much through a UK prism.

From the uber-delicate to the bold, Mark envisages aspects of life through the lens of music visiting landscapes of old Western movies and exploring their links with the north-west of England, while touching on wider themes such as isolation, freedom and dementia.

He builds on the palette of the previous record with instrumentation equally inspired by the ascendant ambient Americana movement and classic country-rock.

Support on the night is courtesy of North West singer-songwriter Andy Stonier, debuting new original material, and DJ Haden Boardman, who is curating a two-hour set especially for this event to weave either side of Mark Peters’ performance.

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