Indie band Alexis Kings share “Tangerine” – Aipate

Indie band Alexis Kings share “Tangerine” – Aipate

“Tangerine” is the newest single from British indie pop duo Alexis Kings (vocalist Brendan Aherne and drummer Fabio Bocca).

The hooky song is characterized by smooth drum beats, soothing synths, honeyed vocals and passionate lyrics. It was written, produced and mixed by the pair and mastered by Brett Shaw.

“Tangerine” feels invitingly warm.

This song was a rough demo written in lockdown while we were all going a little insane. Covid restrictions finally lifted and we went away to a farm in Bury St Endmunds to work on some demo stuff. Originally referred to as ‘Captain Hook’ as a result of us stitching a load of different hooks together to form a song, and due to the fact we’re shit with song names, Tangerine was one of the songs that really came alive with the rest of the band all collaborating after a few too many beers.

Alexis Kings

Find the the band on Instagram @alexiskingsmusic.

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