Influencer composes Tony Kakkar’s song in two minutes in viral clip

Influencer composes Tony Kakkar's song in two minutes in viral clip

Photo: Instagram/sanatanroyy


  • An Instagram influencer posted a clip showing how to make a Tony Kakkar song in 2 minutes.
  • The video was viewed 8 million times.
Music composition for those who are not in the field appears to be quite complex. Well, it can be complex and not everyone’s cup of tea. One influencer took to social media to break out a song composition. He was taking a jibe at one of India’s loved singers Tony Kakkar. You will not believe it, but the influencer made Kakkar’s songs in just minutes.

In the clip, the Instagrammer named Sanatan shared a step-wise break guide on how to compose Kakkar’s songs. He started off with a random guitar tune. He then went on to add a lead on the same pattern. The video was captioned, “Thik ha na aise hi karta ha wo (Ok, that’s how he (Tony Kakkar makes music).”

The video immediately went viral on social media. The clip garnered over 8 million views and 1 million likes.

Many users also commented on it. ” actually like this song, Drop it on all platforms,” wrote one. Another stated, “But yours is better than Tony bhaiya.”

A third person stated, “You made an anthem for “papa ki pari” bro . Now this will be used in every papa ki pari video,” the third user wrote. “Lyrics is better than that of tony kakkar (sic).”

Meanwhile, the influencer’s video also reached Kakkar. He responded to it by saying,”Zor zor se bolke sabko schemein bata rahe ho btw loved it,” (You are telling everyone the schemes out loud, btw loved it.)

Kakkar has been very vocal about the criticisms he receives on social media.

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