Luke Grimes Talks Country Music and His Affinity for Kayce Dutton as Jefferson White Teases What’s Next for Jimmy

Luke Grimes Talks Country Music and His Affinity for Kayce Dutton as Jefferson White Teases What’s Next for Jimmy

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Happy Tuesday, Yellowstone fans, and welcome to another busy day in the Taylor Sheridan realm. With the premiere of season five inching closer each day, fans have the Duttons on the brain — and we aren’t the only ones. The cast and crew can’t stop thinking about the future, sharing insight to the best of their ability. They can’t give it all away now; what would we have to look forward to? Jefferson White and Luke Grimes are both talking about where their characters might end up in season five and beyond, and Grimes is also opening up about his jump into country music. Yep, soon we’ll be hearing the sweet stylings of our favorite cowboy as he sings about love, heartache, and all things western. Fans were also treated to a new teaser trailer from the powers that be, and it’s everything we could have hoped for. You know the drill from here, grab your favorite drink and your Yellowstone-loving bestie, because we’re riding in.

Jefferson White is sharing his season five hopes for Jimmy

Jefferson White breathes life into the loveable ranchhand, Jimmy, at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. However, his character was spending a lot of time in Texas during the last season of our favorite cowboy drama.

In a chat with TVLine, White talked about what he hopes the future holds for Jimmy and his fiance, Emily.

“He chose Emily, and he chose this new life in Texas. I cross my fingers that it’s smooth sailing for him because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the first time in his life he has a little bit of agency.”

Smooth sailing is certainly a new term for our beloved ranch hand, who has had a difficult road to redemption. Jimmy hadn’t known an easy life on or off the ranch, from leading with his heart (even when it led him to trouble) to dealing with a past that caused him more grief than happiness.

Of course, being part of the Yellowstone certainly worked to give him purpose, but he still wasn’t where he needed to be as a ranch hand or a cowboy, so John Dutton sent him off to the 6666 Ranch in Texas to learn how to be both. So what does that mean for season five? Will we get flashes of him in Texas, or will the time jump mean he was called back to Montana for something bigger than his plans? We’ll just have to wait and see.

“There’s certainly more Jimmy in store. Whether it’s Montana or Texas, you’ll have to wait and find out.”

Wait and find out we will; luckily, the countdown draws shorter each day!

Luke Grimes is opening up about the future of Yellowstone and country music

Luke Grimes spoke with Cowboys and Indians about the future of Yellowstone, his grand entrance to country music, and his new campaign with Stetson. The western brand notes that Grimes was the sure fit to headline their fragrance and grooming collection as he portrays the lifestyle with authenticity and valor.

Grimes felt humbled by the experience, especially as he’s been leaning into the country experience.

Speaking of country, Grimes has music on the bran, and rightfully so: he’s in Nashville working on his new album as we speak…er, write.

“Love. You got to start there, I think, because it is the glue of the human experience, and everyone can relate. And what else is higher? What else has the stakes high enough that you want to actually sing about it?”

He also nods to inspiration from his new surroundings but says it all goes back to one central idea.

“If I have written any, they’re all still just a metaphor for love.”

Here’s to love and Luke Grimes.

Yellowstone rewind: season 3, episode 1

One of the most prominent evils in Yellowstone history shows up in season three of the series, and with the problems they’ve dealt with so far — that’s saying a lot. 

Market Equities is first mentioned in this episode, and we won’t know the total weight of their impact on the show until later, but it’s a big one. In fact, we’re still dealing with them in season five — as the exciting trailer highlights. The company has big plans for John Dutton’s land and everything surrounding it, but they’re not sure just who they’re dealing with at first.

They’re also not aware that Dutton has more friends than enemies as far as they’re concerned. Rainwater and his tribe have no desire to give up any of their land either; anything that Market Equities dreams of building on it might go against their way of life.

Of course, all of this unfolds later. For now, we’re getting to know a new villain, and that’s an integral part of the continuing story.

Season three also opens up with Beth still dealing with her injuries from the attack in season two, and she’s not the only one. Tate Dutton is still working through his own fear, turmoil, and heartache — and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch. He’s only a child and has already experienced more than anyone should.

If we’re talking about scars, everyone’s got them, and John, Kayce, and Monica are also shouldering Tate’s pain. They all love him too much to let him walk through it alone, but it’s a walk that’s hard to watch. 

Roarke Carter is also introduced in this episode, and it’s one of our favorite Beth scenes. She sees him in a stream fishing as she’s driving and gets out to greet him unkindly. He can’t get into or out of the water without stepping on her property, and she lets him know it. He assures her he can walk downstream until he’s no longer on their land, but she’s not hearing it. She has no time for this city-slicker turned wanna-be country boy to charm her, and she storms away, leaving him experiencing his first “Dutton” encounter. 

We also see Jamie and John experience several tense moments together, including one where the patriarch demands that his son never disrespect him again. Fans know that this won’t happen, but the sentiment remains. John knows that Jamie is stepping out on the family, they’ve all figured it out by now, and he wants him to stop. 

As long-time fans know, the future for Jamie isn’t all sunshine and roses even after this conversation, but we’ll see what season five holds. The two-hour television event takes place on Nov. 13, and you can rewatch all four seasons streaming on Peacock. 

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