Matt Nathanson – “Run (Featuring Sugarland)” – CD Promotional Single – 2 Loud 2 Old Music

Matt Nathanson – “Run (Featuring Sugarland)” – CD Promotional Single – 2 Loud 2 Old Music

In my quest to own everything listed on Discogs for Matt Nathanson, I picked up the CD Promotional single for the song “Run”. It is off his 2011 album, ‘Modern Love’ and was released as a single, but only reached #53 on the Billboard Hot 100 which baffles me as it is probably my favorite song by him. Another cool thing about it is that the recording engineer on the album was my brother-in-law, Ryan; however, this was the one song he didn’t engineer. Bummer!

The song is not a country song even though Sugarland are on it.  No!  This is a sensual, oh so sexy, love song.  The lyrics are dirty with lines like “You come in waves” and “Then Swallow me whole” as well as “And I watch it explode”.  At the same time they are sexy with lines like “You pull me in close / And buckle my knees” and “You trace my lines / Stirring my soul”.  And then they are heartwarming with a line like “I’m amazing when you’re beside me / I am so much more”.  This song speaks to me and reminds me of my lovely bride and when I hear this song, I think of only her!  Each and every time.

Now here is the problem.  The song I think is more about an affair than love.  The lyrics talk about running back to this person.  The man says he knows that it’s wrong but he can’t help it and he always goes back to her.  Personally, I ignore that part and think of it more as a passionate love affair with my wife.  Either way, you can’t help but love the song.

“Run” is a beautifully crafted pop song, there is no doubt about that.  Driven by a slow kick drum beat, a beautiful bass line and then filled with acoustic and electric guitars.  There is a slow build to the music as if the sex was building as well.  Vocally, both Matt and Jennifer dance back and forth with the lyrics and their voices compliment each other so well.  When they join in together on the chorus it is pure and utter magic.

And there you have it. Another promotional single added to the collection. And I still have another one to show coming up soon as well. Now, before I leave I am going to leave you the version of the song Sugarland released as it is just as good…It really isn’t different. It is a live version…

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