Michelle Wright Displays Classic Country Influences in New Video

Michelle Wright Displays Classic Country Influences in New Video

Michelle Wright is showing off her connections to classic country in her new song, “Heartbreak Song,” and she’s letting Taste of Country readers see her new video for the song first in an exclusive premiere.

The Canadian-born country singer released a new album titled Milestone on Aug. 26, marking the latest release in a career that dates all the way back to 1988. She’s scored 25 Top 10 hits across the course of her 12 albums since then.

“Heartbreak Song” is a co-write with an artist who’s made a splash in recent years.

“My co-writer Adam Wakefield was in my band a few years back, and I was always a fan of his talent. I was thrilled to see him do so well on The Voice, and I enjoyed watching his success, both as a solo artist and with his band Texas Hill,” Wright states.

“We talked several times over the years about writing together, and I am so glad we finally made it happen. We needed one more song for this record, and I knew this was the one as soon as we finished it.”

Wakefield also appears in Wright’s new video for “Heartbreak Song,” which eschews flashy production for a simple black-and-white approach that focuses on them performing the song together.

“We all agreed that the music video needed to be simple and intimate in hopes that the listener could see and feel the emotion that Adam and I experienced while we were writing it,” Wright relates. “And having Adam appear in the video with me was the cherry on top.”

“When the label told me how much they loved this song and wanted to do a video, it made me so happy. This song harkens back to my days listening and performing the country music that I grew up on. I hope that Merle would be proud of me.”

Michelle Wright’s Milestone is currently available across a wide array of digital music providers.

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