Music composer Vipin Patwa talks about his two songs from Code Name: Tiranga

Vipin Patwa

Composer Vipin Patwa has come up with two new songs for the just-released film, Code Name: Tiranga starring Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu. The first song Yaar Ve is sung by Arijit Singh and Vande Mataram by Shankar Mahadevan. We had a hearty chat about the same and more with the Lucknow boy. 

Tell us about the song “Yaar Ve”? What are the thoughts behind the composition?

When the film was about to go on the floor, the director of the film called me and briefed me on the situation. In that particular situation Harrdy Sandhu dies in a bomb blast and it’s a painful situation for Parineeti Chopra and to cover the entire scene the song was made. The song matches the mood and has a melancholy yet very heart-rending tune. 

Why did you choose Arijit?

I feel there’s no better voice than Arijit’s right now in our country. Also, since the song is quite a mature one and we wanted someone with that kind of maturity, modernness, innocence, honesty and experience to sing this song. Our team requested Arijit and he accepted the same. 

The music director

What about Vande Mataram?

I enjoyed composing Vande Mataram a lot. It’s an honour if you can somehow honour or compliment your motherland in some or the other way. It was a great privilege for me to compose a song like “Vande Mataram”. 

Was Shankar a natural choice?

Once the song “Vande Mataram” was ready, again, collectively everyone had Shankar Mahadevan name in mind. The director too was keen on having Shankar on board to sing this song. I was lucky again that Shankar agreed to sing this song. 

How has your journey been so far in Bollywood?

It’s a bit long journey for me in Bollywood and I had to face a lot of difficulties, it’s a process I think but that’s all in the past now. Personally, I think when you are educated you have the right kind of attitude and confidence to face the world.

Who are your fave male and female singers and why?

A lot of them Arijit, Jubin a few newcomers too are singing quite well nowadays. A newcomer named Pawandeep also sings well besides female singers like Jonitaa Gandhi, Asees Kaur and a lot of others are doing brilliantly!

Vipin Patwa

Which genres of music you love?

I like all genres but yes Indie pop, a bit of rock and classical I like a lot. 

What do you like to listen to at leisure?

Also, I listen to a lot of instrumental music in my leisure time.

What are your upcoming projects?

There are a few films including Hari Om Hari and a lot of singles back to back. 

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