Watch the horror-inspired video for Bury Tomorrow’s new…

Watch the horror-inspired video for Bury Tomorrow’s new…

Following the release of last month’s Abandon Us, Bury Tomorrow
have just shared another single from their upcoming album The Seventh Sun.

This one goes by the very metal name of Boltcutter, with guitarist
Kristan Dawson enthusing that, “From the second we put the finishing touches to
Boltcutter, we knew it had to be a single. Whilst it is a fundamental Bury
Tomorrow track, being both loud and heavy, it also emphasises the new era of
our band.

“Specifically, it highlights influences we haven’t necessarily
channelled through Bury Tomorrow before, and it’s a pleasure to continue to
expand the possibilities of our music. It began its existence through Tom
crafting the foundations, with an ambient and electronic soundscape, before the
rest of the band provided their usual expertise.”

Of the Matt Sears-directed video, Kristan adds: “Continuing the
visual narrative with Matt was an absolute joy, and thanks to his knowledge of
horror and unique filmmaking skills, Boltcutter delivers the perfect sequel.
It’s another video with a visceral and confronting nature, and we feel it
perfectly represents the song and its themes.”

Check it out: