Netanela Mizrahi on composing the music of life and death with Guwanbal Gurruwiwi

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The Djari Project has been on my playlist for a well over a year. It’s an album that has really found its way under my skin. A collaboration between Darwin-based violinist, composer and teacher Netanela Mizrahi and Galpu songman Guwanbal Gurruwiwi, it features some of the Top End’s finest musicians.

The Djari Project takes its name from a rainbow that surrounds mother and child after birth, and returns at the time of death. The music and song all follow this theme, from the sacred wakumidi state the body enters after the soul leaves, to the ku-kuk, a pigeon who visits an old man to tell him it’s not yet time to leave this world.

Netanela Mizrahi came in to tell me about what it was like to put the project together, and the secret to a successful collaboration!


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