ari hicks shares “Sad Ghost” video – Aipate

ari hicks shares “Sad Ghost” video – Aipate

An artist on the rise, ari hicks‘ latest offering is a beautiful slice of dark-pop.

The song is haunting yet filled with catchy melodies. It was released with a spectral visual created by director Nicole Davis.

“Sad Ghost” is confessional and deeply vulnerable.

In her own words, ari explains, “It’s about getting a little too familiar with an emotion that you probably shouldn’t, and allowing yourself to get a little too comfortable and stuck in that place of being. There’s a vacancy in my presence in this song or almost lack thereof, meant to signify the moment I noticed that I felt whatever this was for so long, I could barely even feel it at all anymore if that makes sense. Feeling alone, secluded, tired, tired of being disappointed and let down. Eventually the easiest thing to do becomes numbing yourself from it almost entirely. ‘Sad Ghost’ is the voice I gave to that numbness.

Listen, watch “Sad Ghost” and keep up with ari hicks on Instagram.

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