‘Neverita’ by Bad Bunny — Here’s What the Lyrics Mean in English

Bad Bunny performing his second concert at Azteca Stadium, as a part of World Hottest Tour

This Grammy Award-winning artist released Un Verano Sin Ti in 2022. Bad Bunny is the artist behind “Neverita,” releasing a music video for the “summer rejection” track. Here’s what we know about this song and the meaning behind its lyrics. 

Bad Bunny released ‘Neverita’ off ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’

‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ artist, Bad Bunny, performing his second concert at Azteca Stadium, as a part of World Hottest Tour | Medios y Media/Getty Images

Bad Bunny is the artist behind “Me Porto Bonito,” “Titi Me Preguntó,” and “Moscow Mule,” releasing Un Verano Sin Ti in 2022. In the same collection, the songwriter released the pop-rap original, “Neverita.”

According to Spotify’s credits, “Neverita” was co-written by Tainy and Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio). The track was produced by Cheo Legendary, La Paciencia, and Tainy. Since its debut, “Neverita” earned over 440 million plays on the streaming platform, with Elvis Crespo even releasing a cover. 

While some Un Verano Sin Ti songs detail a summer romance, “Neverita” is the story of a summer rejection. The love interest expressed she’s “staying single this summer.” That doesn’t stop the narrator from wanting to spend time with her. 

“I’m ready for you and you pull away from me,” Bad Bunny sings in the chorus, according to a Genius translation. “Damn it, what a conceited little girl / She put her heart in the cooler / She says that this summer she’ll stay single.”

What is ‘Neverita’ by Bad Bunny about?

The title “Neverita” references a type of sea snail. According to Pop & Top, “he named the main character girl that way because she was slow in relationships, while the musician was drowning in an ocean of feelings.” “Neverita” also translates to “little refrigerator” in English.

Of course, this is Un Verano Sin Ti, so this song has a summer-y undertone in its lyrics. The narrator says, “let me spread sunblock on you, so you don’t get burned” and, later, “Lovers come and go, like the waves.”

There are even references to pop culture, with the narrator saying he’ll watch TikToks with his crush. Unfortunately, she treats him like a “meme,” meaning she doesn’t take him seriously. 

In one of the last lines, the narrator recognizes the toxic relationship, calling the love interest an “abuser.” According to one fan translation, Bad Bunny sings, “I’ll go find you a beer and while I’m at it, a heart.”

Bad Bunny released the ‘Neverita’ YouTube music video

On Aug 22, this singer released his “Neverita” music video. The STILLZ and We Own The City-created production highlights the days of MTV and TeleHit, with a ’90s and early 2000s graphic design vibe and Bad Bunny grooving along. At one point, he dresses in a sun costume. 

Since its premiere, the “Neverita” music video earned over 150 million views, as well as thousands of supportive comments from fans. Music by Bad Bunny is available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.