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Instead of saving my comments on social media, I will be writing and sharing my posts on my website. These posts will be written about modern/past history, philosophy, morality, and every other subject I am interested in at the moment. These posts will include emails sent to organizations who sold out, old posts that were written on social media, and other platforms.

*August 29, 2022:

Medium “have determined that your post is in violation of our Rules and has been suspended.” The two rules that they wrote: “*Promotion of controversial, suspect, or extreme content. * We do not allow the use of pseudoscience, disinformation, or other content that is contrary to public health or safety.” The article in question was: The Horrors of CBDC.

My response was: There is nothing more to say. Delete my account, you betrayer of humanity. Arshak Andriasov.

*August 30, 2022:

Medium responded: “Your Medium account has been deleted. All records and data will be deleted per our Privacy Policy. Thanks, John.”

My response: “Like all woke ideologies, medium has failed to fight the globalists and thus will fail the basic necessity of survival. Doom to medium for the betrayal of humanity. Arshak Andriasov.”

*August 24, 2022:

Don’t let the globalists affect your life. They are meaningless servants who will perish just as good people like us.

The problem with most people is that they think things began during covid, but didn’t see it 20, 30, 40 years ago. Nothing changes in this human world. Losers try to dominate. Simplest ideology throughout ages.


*August 21, 2022:

(About Restaurants That Did Not Allow Non-Poisoned People): They betrayed humanity by segregating people. Let them rot with the GMO, canola oil Monsanto trash “food.”


*August 5, 2022:

Lies are quick, but truth takes time to unfold.


*August 4, 2022:

Agenda 2030 with the globalist’s BlackRock and Mark Zuckerberg licking Coinbase’ heiny? My advice to Coinbase customers is to transfer funds out of the exchange.


*July 30, 2022:

(About Pfizer 10 Billion Dollars) Peasants allowed to be afraid of death. Globalists acted like the middlemen to an already common knowledge.


*July 28, 2022:

(About a stat 9 out of 10 Trump supporters believe the election was stolen) I am the one who believes that this was used as a sporting event to get people hostile about something the wef wanted you all to be distracted from the actual implementation of their 4th industrial revolution, which Trump is a part of. He peddled the poison jab and even for that one fact, you all should have not wasted your time on this egomaniac. And NO I didn’t vote for biden. I do not vote in a Rothschild’s ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ system. They are all servants to whatever they are told. Qr code? Yes wef. Poison jab and no work for you if you don’t take that poison? Yes wef. You are all being screwed to choose sporting sides. That is why they indoctrinated sports for all of you. To think you are choosing the correct side.



*July 27, 2022:

(About Trump potentially suing CNN) Go after soros/gates/schwab. Cnn is useless. Can’t do it against your globalist buddies? Putin has, why can’t you? The poison jab peddling made you forget who you are or you always played any side that would give you the time of day.

Do you remember any word that Margaret thatcher ever blurted out? Do you think he will damage cnn? Cnn is useless. Go after the Rothschild’s and don’t peddle the gates’ poison agenda plan. Then, with actual action and more importantly results, I will take this seriously. Otherwise, just like Elon Musk I was telling that his so called bid was just to make money and expose twitter bots, not to actually buy twitter and change it for good. The same person that puts chips on monkeys and wants to do it to humans, ain’t a savior. So spare me with your usually tribe mentality and try to open your mind and not think about right or left. Look at results and actions. Cnn is useless. Nobody watches it. People DO watch gates buying farmland. Fight j&j. But Trump won’t. Globalists.


*July 24, 2022:

I would like to stop filling their feeds with anger. You, , are pandering to the anger and evil of the globalists. You do not understand that the way we win as human beings is to eliminate anger and hatred and build through pure spirituality. Not the religious, human-created kind, but the morality and integrity that Klaus Schwab and the other servants of the Rothschild’s do not have any understanding of. Morality and integrity, filled with beauty and spirituality. That’s the only way you defeat these cretins. Bypass them and build beauty. Otherwise, you all are just part of a decaying “slave-master morality” system (coined by my father, Iosif Andriasov).

(Posted by @JasonMillerinDC, without tagging me, and yet liking my post): Guys I found Paul Ryan’s burner account!!! (under was my post. the gettr cesspool erupted).


*July 25, 2022:

(My response to @JasonMillerinDC): It is nice to trigger the globalists and their servants when the owner of needs to put you down. I posted to beat the globalists through beauty. Well, they are the servants, just like the left and their twitter. Beauty will always prevails against them all.



*July 7, 2022:

(Upon deleting Canva account) After your horrific bowing to the Ukrainian Nazi efforts, peddled by the globalists, all your work went to zero in my eyes. Thus, I deleted this account.


*June 29, 2022:

People wanted to betray humanity for their limited wants and attachments by taking the poison jab. I am not sorry for those who will experience misery due to the fact that they betrayed humanity. Those who administered this poison, those same very peasant slaves of the Rothschild’s, will suffer slowly, always looking around them as paranoid people do. Let them be in fear, for they will never know what is coming to them at any moment. I, for one, have enjoyed this farce and am amazed at those wearing condoms on their face outside and was quite disappointed in those who took the fake mrna poison.


*June 26, 2022:

The problem is that people, for the most part, are a disappointing breed. They will take this poison jab to “travel”, instead of not traveling for the greater good of the world. How can one jab themselves for their own gain, knowing that somebody will not travel based on this segregation and lawlessness? I do not care about human created things, so relinquishing the attachments was easy, when you are doing something for the greater good of humanity, which is preserving your integrity.

*I, for one, have not had Starbucks since 1997. When I was in college, I made a research about their practices with farmers from other countries. There was definitely no fair trade. Once I found out about this, never will I go to such a disgraceful place. Lately, I have seen so many companied betray us and thus have not gone to whole foods or ordered from Amazon, not gone to Walmart, Target, and Home Depot for their betrayal of humanity.


*June 25, 2022:

Most people who did not get the poison jab had many reasons. One of them was not to allow segregation.


*June 6, 2022:

Complaints will do nothing but build a negative personality, simp behavior, or worse. One has to either stop driving, if they cannot afford it, or pay and save somewhere else. The WEF has chosen to go all out. Your battle is by not paying them for their products. Our family is not poisoned with the jab, do not shop at Amazon (or Whole Foods), Walmart, and all other organizations who are servants to the soy WEF clan. We live in a capitalistic society, but when you bring morals and ethics together with banning them and their services, they will quickly beg to comeback, which we won’t.


*June 2, 2022:

What a waste. People stressed and fooled by elections. Good cop didn’t fire gnome and peddled poison. Bad cop can’t read from the teleprompter. You all are being played sooo easily. Sad how humans have eaten too much gmo, soy, and lack a basic knowledge of history and how the Rothschild’s play with it to bring servant behavior, arrogant pride, and all other shameful qualities.

*(Post to Dinesh D’Souza) Don’t get caught into believing Trump is good. He is the one who peddled Gates’ depopulation efforts with the poison, and he didn’t fire the gnome. Trump is in with the Rothschild scum. Biden is just a poor teleprompter farce reader. He can’t even walk properly. Basically a Weekend at Bernie’s kind of joe. Don’t waste your valuable time on this. Go after Gates/Schwab/Soros. Only through them, will you achieve getting the Rothschild’s. Otherwise, you’re just a disillusioned puppet, who wants everyone to actually care about a voting farce.

*When Gates’ lackeys cover the sun, all the solar purchases by the common person will be useless.

*Don’t drive. If you drive, don’t complain about this. All of this is a scheme to see how strong you are. Can you imagine complaining about gas prices, when the wef are sending printed money to destroy every country who doesn’t want to be with them?


*June 1, 2022:

The problem is all of the lies will not be shown fast enough. The wef puppets are giving nazis long range weapons. It will take even more strength for Putin not to blast the u.s. (correctly), even though it’s not the United States, but the “group of criminals” (a phrase coined by my father, Iosif Andriasov) that partly reside in the United states.


*May 30, 2022:

The problem with everything is this: the west servants will accept cbdc. Russia will not. After enough attacks by the west, Russia will react. Sadly, the wef cretins will be in their bunkers, while poor peasant folk, from both sides, will fight each other, instead of the wef scum. We will all destroy ourselves with THEIR wars. Russia will be correct in retaliating these cretins, who give a huge sum of money for weapons to the small little cretin servant Zelensky. Again, the regular Joe and Vasya will fight one another instead of joining a union and fighting the ills of schwab and gates. That’s how slavery begins again. The “election” is the wef hocus pocus distraction on cbdc and slavery. 


*May 11, 2022:

Fear is the peasant method of getting everything that they are servants to. Don’t let them take anything that is not theirs, which includes your freedom.


*August 21, 2021:

(About WEF Virus Names) All predetermined by globalists to instill fear and constant jabbing for the vaccinated and to instill fear of losing a chance to waste money on GMO restaurants and waste money on time-spending useless sports.


*August 14, 2021:

(Response to Andrew Cuomo Poison Jab Stats) You will not cause division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It is a choice. The same way one chooses to not be a racist or chooses to not be political.


*August 13, 2021:

The globalists with their great reset agenda are really desperate. Their fake numbers of covid deaths, those that have been vaccinated, and other things just show they are weak-willed and immoral.


*August 12, 2021:

(Twitter) @WHO blocked my account @AndriasovArshak for a week lol. Losers. No worries. Censorship is done when you are afraid of a second opinion.


*August 10, 2021:

If we fear death, we do not know how to live.


*July 28, 2021:

(About New York City To Pay Residents US$100 For Getting Covid-19 Vaccine) How about give it to the homeless. Anything given for free from any government that allows food shortages, homelessness, and other inequalities is an obvious poison.


*October 11, 2012:

Obama & Romney are puppets. Could they be in love? Maybe not with Romney, but the globalists like to cover things up.

Such lies these puppets are spewing. CIA sponsored Taliban and Al Qaeda.


*October 8, 2012:

I would like to enlighten people with the happenings of our world and help your health, mind, and spirit through eating healthy foods, not being brainwashed, and helping your fellow human beings the best way you can.


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