Single Review: Years & Years – Starstruck

Single Review: Years & Years – Starstruck

Years & Years returns as solo act with fabulous new single ‘Starstruck’
Years & Years is back, but they are no longer a trio. The band announced earlier this year that from now on, Years & Years is Olly Alexander’s solo project as the upcoming album is his endeavor. This should not have come as a surprise for those who followed their career closely, as their most recent album Palo Santo (released in 2018) was mostly Olly’s work with other songwriters too. Now that we have that all sorted out, Olly is ready to do it all on his own with the new single ‘Starstruck’ and an album later this year. Did Years & Years maintain its sound when it’s just Olly?

‘Starstruck’, which Olly co-wrote with Clarence Coffee Jr., Mark Ralph and Nathaniel Ledwidge, is definitely not a massive departure from the sound Years & Years is known for. This is synth pop at its finest! The track picks up the pace right from the beginning and there is no stopping from then on. The seductive rhythm of the verses pulls you right in and the bright and shiny melody of the chorus is pop perfection. There is something so carefree and uplifting about the whole vibe of ‘Starstruck’, something we could all definitely use these days. The lyrics are all about falling in love and the joyous hook of the chorus perfectly gets this feeling across.

Olly explained in interviews how his role as an actor in the series It’s A Sin, about the AIDS epidemic in the UK of the 1980s, has inspired his music as well, so the new record will have loads of 80s influences. ‘Starstruck’ is definitely a good start and I’m perched to hear what more he has to offer. Until then, ‘Starstruck’ will be on heavy rotation here.

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