YouTube Music may soon allow users to create custom radio within platform

YouTube Music may soon allow users to create custom radio within platform

Google-owned music streaming platform YouTube Music will soon give users the ability to create a custom radio.

YouTube Music already lets users customise their current queue directly from the Now Playing screen by genre, familiarity, mood and energy level.

Now YouTube will soon give users the freedom to create a custom radio in an in-depth manner.

The tech company is currently testing the upcoming feature as a few YouTube Music users on Friday started seeing ‘Create a radio’ option in the main feed.
The feature, supposed to “tune your music”, shows a grid of artists for you to select from, which appears similar to YouTube Music’s initial setup process.

According to reports, after users have made their selections, YouTube Music will give them three “Song selection” options — Familiar, Blend, and Discover.

Similarly, ‘Filters’ will include — Popular, Deep cuts, New releases, Pump-up, Chill, Upbeat, Downbeat, and Focus, according to the report.

In July, YouTube Music tested a new feature — Dynamic queue, which helped get queue and radio updates based on users listening behaviour.

YouTube Music will change the playback queue if users skip to a new track while still halfway through the current song.

Moreover, in June, YouTube Music’s web app added a new feature that allowed users to manage songs in bulk more easily, particularly when adding them to specific playlists.

As per reports, YouTube plans to make the feature available in the coming weeks across the world as this will add advanced level of customisation compared to what YouTube Music and algorithm offers naturally.