A Musical Journey From Classical to Creative as Vidushi Kala Ramnath performs In Ahmedabad on 12th January, 2023

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Ahmedabad, January 3, 2023: Vidushi Kala Ramnath, the singing violin, will be performing at a concert in Ahmedabad at L D Arts College,(Old Amrut Mody School of Management).

The concert has been organised by Saptak School of Music. Violin Maestro Kumaresh ji will perform along with Kala Ramnath.

Kala Ramnath being one of the most brilliant and electrifying violinists in Indian classical music today.Her playing is characterised by her incredible speed and dexterity, remarkable control of the bow, and an extraordinary ability to bring out the subtleties of the ragas by making her violin sing. Her performances range from the traditional styles to the more experimental directions of improvisation.Her playing is deeply rooted in the traditional styles of Indian classical music, yet she has the ability to take her audience to new levels of musical exploration. Her improvisations are always filled with emotion and depth, and she always leaves her audience in awe of her mastery of the instrument.”

On performing at the Saptak- Annual festival of classical music, Kala Ramnath says “”The violin is a magical and complete instrument. It has the power to evoke emotions and create beautiful music. It can create a wide range of sounds and can be used to express a variety of feelings. Music is an endless journey and the violin is a vehicle for me to explore its infinite possibilities.”

Kala Ramnath frequently gives lectures and seminars all around the world. A few organisations worth mentioning are the Weill Institute in collaboration with Carnegie Hall in New York, the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands, and the University of Giessen in Germany. She is committed to using music to improve the lives of ill and underprivileged children through her charity, “Kalashree.”