Muscadine Bloodline Drop Title Track To Forthcoming Album “Teenage Dixie,” Along With Music Video

Muscadine Bloodline Drop Title Track To Forthcoming Album “Teenage Dixie,” Along With Music Video


Muscadine Bloodline featured some beautiful harmonica work on their new song “Teenage Dixie,” which they just dropped last night, and I can’t get enough.

A heartbreak anthem about young love and being a teenager without a care in the world, Charlie and Gary detail how maybe the narrator isn’t quite over the heartbreak from that relationship, even though years have passed since the couple was together.

And not only did they drop the song, they released an accompanying music video, set in a high school football stadium that flashes back to the couple in their glory days, so to speak.

Plus, this song actually appears to be the title track to a new album, which is now showing up as an album in Apple Music, along with a full tracklist.

And also according to Apple Music, the record will drop on February 24th, and most songs included are obviously some new ones we’ve never heard before, but also quite a few singles they released in 2022, like “Made Her That Way,” “Me On You,” “Evinrudin’,” and “Cryin’ in a GMC.”

The Muscadine Bloodline boys have made a career out of doing it independently and releasing great country music, and judging by the few songs we’ve already heard, I don’t think this project will be any different and I’m really looking forward to listening to all 16 songs whenever they drop the record.

They put out their sophomore album Dispatch To 16th Ave in February, which took the #7 spot on our Top 40 Country Albums of 2022 list, and I have a feeling Teenage Dixie will probably find a spot somewhere on the 2023 list in 12 more months.

Make sure you check out the new video:

Make sure you check out the acoustic live performance too:

Teenage Dixie tracklist:

1. Teenage Dixie
2. Pocketful of 90’s Country
3. Made Her That Way
4. Me On You
5. Inconvenience Store
6. Evinrudin’
7. Cryin’ in a GMC
8. W.T. vs. the Devil (Monologue)
9. Devil Died in Dixie
10. Life Itself
11.  Good to Drive
12. Named After Natives
13. Old Man Gillich
14. Azalea Blooms
15. Knife to a Gunfight
16. Shootout in Saraland