K-Pop group aespa becomes the first to perform at the Governors Ball Festival in New York

K-Pop group aespa becomes the first to perform at the Governors Ball Festival in New York


aespa, who ranked 3rd on the Billboard 200 main album chart in the US, is appearing at various local festivals. In April 2022, they successfully completed their first live stage in the country through the largest outdoor music festival in the US, ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival‘. In addition, they became the first K-pop girl group to appear in the outdoor concert ‘GMA 2022 Summer Concert Series 2022’ hosted by ABC’s representative morning show ‘Good Morning America’ (GMA) every summer.  

aespa also participated in a branding campaign with the message of ‘sustainable travel’ in celebration of the New Year. Following Stray Kids and Lee Jun-ho, on the 27th, the third episode of the ‘LDF Original Series’ was released for the first time, aespa’s edition is a short drama titled ‘Melody of the Stars’, and contains a total of 3 episodes of aespa’s sustainable travel story. It is a story about aespa members sympathizing with the preciousness of the earth while going on a stargazing trip to Australia. The title of this short drama, ‘Melody of the Stars’, was taken from the title of the song ‘Melody of the Stars’, which was used as the background music along with the beautiful shooting star video in the drama. ‘Melody of the Stars’ expresses the color and brightness of stars with sound. 

About aespa: 

In the last episode, which will be released on January 9th, aespa members deliver messages about ‘sustainable travel’ and ‘protecting the earth’ in four languages, respectively Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. Behind the growth of K-POP as an industry, there was a system of domestic entertainment companies that systematized the process from artist development to performance planning and marketing. However, it was not an achievement achieved only by the power of the system. The rapid growth of K-POP in recent years is because there were attractive artists who could satisfy hundreds of millions of global fandoms around the world.

Unfortunately, the period from 2020 to 2022, the period of the global corona pandemic, was a time when many next-generation talented K-pop groups appeared. During this period, groups that stood out and were loved by fandoms around the world were especially female groups. SM Entertainment’s ‘aespa’, which introduced the metaverse worldview storytelling called ‘Wilderness’ and the ‘Hyper POP’ genre, which twisted the grammar of existing pop music, into the album, marked the beginning of the next generation of K-POP. It was an informed group. aespa, which debuted in November 2020, was evaluated as “unique” by conveying a different feeling from typical SM style groups by putting the “difficulty” of the metaverse worldview as one concept. In addition, with each member’s overwhelming visuals and corresponding singing and performance skills, aespa almost monopolized the popularity of the K-POP industry in 2021 with popular songs such as ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’.

aespa’s uniqueness received favorable reviews from unexpected media. ‘Forbes’, an American economic media, reported that aespa’s first mini-album ‘Savage’ ranked Billboard’s ‘Top Album Sales’ ranking of the 100 best-selling albums in the United States.’ Regarding their second place on the chart, they praised, “This 4-member group’s first album is a very important and tremendous victory compared to the records of all female singers in Korea.”

aespa’s Synk Road: 

The group aespa foreshadowed a variety of charms with its first solo reality show. As it is the first trip among the members, all four members are excited and excited, saying that they showed high tension. In the car leaving for Gangwon-do, Super Junior‘s Shindong, a ‘entertainment senior’, made a surprise appearance on the VCR and generously introduced ‘reality essential car games’ to the aespa members, such as high-pitched battles, holding back laughter games, and song endings, and passed on the know-hows of the trip.

The members who returned after carrying out thrilling activity missions in the beautiful nature of Gangwon-do brought laughter with cute reactions, saying, “We are back alive!” and “We will live kindly.” The question is amplified whether aespa succeeded in the mission and obtained the first ae-key safely.

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