Andy Clockwise on Five Artists Who Inspired His Upcoming Four-Volume Album

Andy Clockwise on Five Artists Who Inspired His Upcoming Four-Volume Album

Andy Clockwise on Five Artists Who Inspired His Upcoming Four-Volume Album

Sydney via Los Angeles musician Andy Clockwise is preparing to release the first volume in his four-part album suite, War Stories. Clockwise wrote, produced, and played all of the instruments on the 36-track release, which is expected in 2023.

So far we’ve heard the singles ‘The Big Think’ and ‘Gonna Get It (Just What We Deserve)’, with Clockwise’s next single, ‘The Lucky Ones’ feat. Rosa Pullman, due on Friday, 2nd December. Here, Andy Clockwise names five artists and personalities who influenced his recent singles and the forthcoming four-volume record.

Andy Clockwise – ‘The Big Think’

Malcolm McLaren

Andy Clockwise: ‘Madame Butterfly’ – this song and its video is everything I would ever want to make. Not only was Malcolm McLaren a supposed bastard who ripped off the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood, but he also released almost anthropological albums that explained what cool stuff was going on in New York City and in true imperialist English fashion, put them out under his own name.

This is a gem though, a song that mixes opera with LinnDrum and Beat Street style R&B to explain the opera itself and show the world haute couture. Video is in my top five.

My dad’s mate

Andy: Growing up in the late 80s and 90s, my dad had this mate who had gold-capped teeth and wore a chain, dressed immaculately like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, and carried a mobile car phone that was the size of the Harbour Bridge. He played me Dire Straits for the first time.

This charmer seemed to have the most sophisticated but complicated and sleazy life going around in the suburbs of Sydney and everything including the simple nature of those times influenced these songs.

Lijadu Sisters

Andy: Two Nigerian sisters from the 70s who made incredible records singing together out of that whole Nigerian funky but deep thing. The Lijadu Sisters sound so beautiful together and the song ‘Come on Home’ is about pleading for someone to come home. How can you go wrong with that?

Mark Knopfler

Andy: Mark Knopfler’s Local Hero is a soundtrack for a revered 80s film about a corporate takeover in Scotland. It’s the first CD cover I ever remember. It’s mostly ambient synth music, a couple of Celtic guitar pieces, some cheesy stuff, and then some bangers with Gerry Rafferty. Some of it is skippable, but when I started the album I could not stop listening.

A supergroup I made up consisting of Chic, late-’80s Dylan, The Clash and The Cure

Andy: Combine Empire Burlesque-era Dylan lyrics (‘Tight Connection To My Heart’), with The Cure guitars and melody (‘In Between Days’), the vitriol of Joe Strummer (‘This is Radio Clash’) and the unending timeless dancing of Chic (‘Thinking Of You’).

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