max pretends And Milana Team Up For Chilling Pop Single, ‘HOME’

With an extensive background in musical theatre and knowledge of music for film, max pretends is breaking down barriers in the world of pop music. He showcases his innovative perspective on the genre in his new single, “HOME”, featuring Milana. Speaking on the track, max says, “this song was written about meaningless times of sex & debauchery which we thought was all that mattered as kids.

Both possessing hypnotic voices, max and Milana’s lyrics are layered beautifully over each other in “HOME”. These vocals complement the ethereal soundscapes that intertwine pop and EDM. Throughout the anthem, there are a ton of mind-bending synths, heavenly sequences of acoustic guitar, and other surprises that radiate a cinematic feel to listeners. In its entirety, “HOME” is a dramatic auditory adventure that overflows with passion from the pair of artists.

After listening to “HOME”, it is fitting that NYC and LA-based max and Miami-native Milana are located in some of the top music-centric hotspots. While max has collabed with a number of professional European EDM producers, he has recently shifted to releasing his own pop music. max has much more in store for his listeners as he brings his artistic vision to life.

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