See Amber Renee’s “Like Home” video – Aipate

See Amber Renee’s “Like Home” video – Aipate

The latest song by Californian R&B/pop artist and dancer Amber Renee is just so good. Called
“Back Home”, it feels smooth and groovy. The song finds Renee full of sass and confidence.

Amber Renee explains, “‘Like Home’ is about me being the ‘home’ for my exes even while they have been ‘outside’ talking to other people or in other relationships. It’s a song about knowing you are the person your exes want to get back together with and feel the most at home with, basically you are ‘the one that got away’ in their lives. I know a lot of women and even men can relate to this song and feel that he or she is the best in every aspect.

Directed by Q Burdette, the music video is just as refreshing as the track.

Watch the video and follow amber Renee on Instagram.

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