Viral Video Beagle Puppy Enjoying Classical Music Like A Pro Is Cuteness Overdose Watch

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It is yet again proven that music does get to the soul across creations.

Viral Video: Beagle Puppy Enjoying Classical Music Like A Pro Is Cuteness Overdose | Watch

Viral Video: All would agree that music has a magical power that casts a spell on everyone. Music transcends the boundaries of languages, regions, genres, and settings. Many medical researchers have proved that music can be a potent tool in healing illnesses and the recovery process. Some experiments have also shown that milch animals like cows and buffaloes yield more and better-quality milk if they are made to listen to a certain kind of music. Overall, music is enjoyed and appreciated everywhere.

One video shared by Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, shows a young woman holding a beagle puppy in her lap while there is an ambient sound of Indian classical music. The video is captioned: “This showed up in my #wonderbox. Don’t know the young lady & her furry musical friend. Sharing it because it made my weekend. Maybe the pooch will stage an Arangetram one day? ” What is interesting about this video is that the puppy is making movements with its head in synchronization with the beats, modulation, and vocal variations. All this while the woman holding the pup is smiling and as the video progresses, the smile turns into a broad grin, and then she is just on the cusp of bursting into laughter.


To watch a cute little puppy enjoying classical music is very amusing, to say the least.

Published Date: January 14, 2023 10:54 PM IST