Creating music is easy but dealing with human beings is difficult

Creating music is easy but dealing with human beings is difficult

National award recipient, Amit Trivedi recently dropped his first solo album Jadu Salona. In an exclusive conversation, Amit revealed to Hindustan Times how he first came up with one song which eventually transformed into a whole album which consists of different shades of love, namely–Jadu Salona, Nirmohi, Shehnaiyan, Rahiyo Na, Jaan Leke Gayi and Dil Na Tod.

“I first composed the song-Jadu Salona. I had already composed the first song. I thought ‘let’s build an album around this thought of Jadu Salona. The idea was based on the beautiful magic of love-theme of my composition,” he said. Jadu Salona was released on November 21 by Amit Trivedi’s independent music label AT Azaad, distributed by Believe.

But how did the singer come up with the unique word with such an intense meaning? He credited lyricist Shellee and pointed out, “We were jamming in the car and driving somewhere. I told Shellee what I wanted to convey in my next song. Immediately he threw the word ‘Jadu Salona’ at me and that was it. It was initially a song and now it’s an entire album.”

Amit believes music streaming platforms have helped to boost independent music all across the globe. Based on his great experience with Spatial Audio which enables dynamic head-tracking sound range, he shared, “These platforms have a kickass algorithm. It’s a new world. We were listening to cassettes and CDs, and now you are only a click away from listening to any music. You get recommendations and explore new artists. Even my old film songs which I thought got buried somewhere, showed up out of nowhere. People are making reels out of it now.”

Amit is among the ones who keep dabbling between independent music and film music. When asked to pick his preference between the two, he replied, “Both are my choices. They are beautiful. I enjoy doing both, genuinely. Nothing is easy. Whether film or non-film or music or anything, everything has ups and downs. Creating music in any format is easy but dealing with human beings is difficult and complicated.”

In his career in Bollywood, Amit had films which became sleeper hits while some underperformed. Is anything he has picked up with time? “Honestly, I am blank right now. What lesson can you learn when you are doing your hard work, putting your effort, and working with determination but things don’t work out? Do you learn to not put your best next time? This is subjective, there’s no answer. Because, in both cases, hard work is involved at the same level. Now the difference is one can be successful, other might not. There’s only one lesson I think-keep doing, keep going and keep working.”

Amit next work will b Babil Khan, Tripti Dimri and Swastika Mukherjee’s upcoming Netflix film, Qala.

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