7 K-Pop Idol Games Of “Mafia Dance” That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

7 K-Pop Idol Games Of “Mafia Dance” That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

If you’ve never heard of “mafia dance” before, the premise is pretty simple. Each member of the group is given headphones, and the song is played for the members to perform. The catch is that one (or more) members will be listening to a totally different song, and the goal is for the group to find out which member is listening to the wrong song. It’s a challenge for the group as well as the mafia—and it’s always entertaining to watch! If you’re in need of a good giggle, these “mafia dance” games will have you entertained for hours.


The members of SEVENTEEN are kings of variety shows, and there’s hardly a single episode that doesn’t end in chaos. The competition is fierce right from the beginning, and it’s nothing but mind games before the music even starts! Set to their song “Left and Right,” the track is appropriate because fingers are pointed left and right before the game is over.


If you want a master class in acting, then this is the episode for you! STAYC’s Yoon is so convincing with her arguments that you might even forget that she’s the mafia. Fellow mafia member Sieun, however, is eliminated immediately—she had to dance to her dad’s song, and the distraction was just too much!


NCT DREAM is known for their energetic choreography, so as soon as Jeno starts to slip up while performing their song “We Go Up,” he’s totally busted! The members are hilariously competitive when it comes to the discussion section, and the punishment for the losing team is every bit as funny as the game itself.

NCT 127

Having NCT 127 play the “mafia dance” games means that the youngest members Mark and Haechan are back for a second round—and they proved that they’re pros! Haechan is perfect as the mafia, and Mark guessed all three mafia members correctly on the first try. He gets eliminated before he can do anything about it though, meaning it’s all chaos from there!


Dreamcatcher’s choreography is pretty detailed, meaning that it should be difficult for the mafia—however, the members are so suspicious of each other that even those who are listening to the right song get the beats wrong because they’re too busy looking around! Watching the mafia dance to the tune of a ringtone is hilarious, and the members are giggling the whole way through.


Main dancer Q, actor Hyunjae, and comedy king Sunwoo were chosen as the mafia for THE BOYZ’s round of “mafia dance,” so there’s no way it could be anything but hilarious! There are false accusations, drama, and tons of laughs, all thanks to the fact that THE BOYZ members take their mafia games really seriously. The results are unprecedented!

Rain and TWICE

This version of “mafia dance” is a little different from the rest, but it’s still every bit as fun! The players are each given a set of earphones, only one of which plays no music. Everyone dances to the same song, and the mafia has to try to match them. The game even gets the producers laughing, and it’s down to the wire before the mafia is finally discovered!

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