Friday New Releases – October 28, 2022 – 2 Loud 2 Old Music

Friday New Releases – October 28, 2022 – 2 Loud 2 Old Music

Happy Friday. Halloween is just around the corner and we have some treats for you. No tricks! We have over 40 new releases coming your way for your listening pleasure as you continue to work on your scary, funny or sexy Halloween Costume. Don’t miss out!!! Let us know what you want to hear this week or what we may have missed. For me, only one I’ interested in hearing so should save some money this week. Thanks for stopping by and have a Hauntingly Great Weekend!!

  •   Joe Lynn Turner – Belly of the Beast – (Mascot Label Group / Music Theories Recordings): Joe Lynn Turner is throwing all caution the wind, he is letting go of the wigs and letting loose the metal. I’m really excited about this one as he has one of the greatest rock voices out there and I can’t wait to see what he brings us this time around.

And then there is all the rest…

And sorry, there were no videos whatsoever. I’m a little burnt right now and it is just too much for me at the moment. I don’t want to completely disappoint, so you are still getting your list of releases. I feel I owe you that much for your loyalty to this Friday New Release post. Thank so much.

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