Shreya Ghosal creates magic in ‘Manobjomin’ song ‘Toka Dile’ | Bengali Movie News

Shreya Ghosal creates magic in ‘Manobjomin’ song ‘Toka Dile’ | Bengali Movie News

The first song from Srijato’s directorial debut ‘Manobjomin’ is out now. Titled ‘Toka Dile’, the melodious song will instantly tug at your heart strings in the mellifluous voice of none other than Shreya Ghosal. Whether Joy Sarkar’s soulful composition or Srjato’s touching lyrics, the song is a treat for our musical ears and aptly sums up the main theme of the film.

‘Toka Dile’ is a song depicting the pain of being alienated from the beloved ones and at the same time the urge of being attached to them. It tells a story of an eternal duel between contrasting emotions and picturizes the pathos of mankind dwelling with its root and as well with its future.

‘Manobjomin’ stars Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Priyanka Sarkar and Paran Bandopadhyay in the lead. Speaking about the film Srijato had earlier said, “It’s basically a relationship story and all those people associated with it. I saw the characters in the story closely in real life and as I have watched them closely I am well aware of their mental state. I thought let’s make a film involving these people. That’s how it all started and I think stories about these people barely featured in films.”

The noted poet added that the title of the film has been taken from Ramprasad Sen’s song, “We have also kept this particular song (Emon manabjamin roilo potit) in the film as well, which Arijit Singh has sung. This song also turned out to be a crucial part of the script. Considering the people and the story I am narrating, I thought Manabjamin would be the ideal name for the film.”

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