Tapping into the buzz surrounding electronic duo, Wood Drift

Tapping into the buzz surrounding electronic duo, Wood Drift

WOOD DRIFT is a music project realised between Demi and Andy Dennis, two lifelong friends, bonded through formative experiences on the dance floors of some of London’s most iconic clubs during a golden era of music in the 90’s and noughties.

Demi’s career trajectory since then took his brand of music to all four corners of the globe with numerous awards, accolades and release compilations which endeared many to his brand of sound and personality.

The post rave, progressive sound with a more sophisticated euphoric approach in its composition underpins the Wood Drift vision.

A handful of single releases which featured on the Earth compilation, spearheaded by Eli from Soul Clap and Hernan Cattaneo’s Sunbeat imprint now sees the pair noticed by a wider audience with their first full EP release on Do Not Sit Recordings.

The three track BuzzTap EP begins to demonstrate the breadth of their work together as Wood Drift. Timeless and universal are strong currents that flow in their production approach. We look forward to their full length album in 2023

We caught up with the duo and asked them to talk us through a playlist of their influences.

Payfone – Sofian (12″ Mix)

These type of slow tempo sounds always run a risk of noodling for the sake of it. We try to ensure that whatever we make has some element of tension and momentum regardless of tempo. There has to be purpose. Here we have a very cool outing from Payfone that marries with soft spoken vocals which are very much a sonic blueprint of the comfort end of sounds we produce in the studio.

Maricopa – One Impulse

This is a classic Wood Drift influence sounding record. Drifting into a deep-sea ocean of harmonies and melodies that are underpinned by a soft rhythm section that keeps the momentum flowing. Positively charged.

Afterlife – La Torre

A comfort sounding trip that rhythmically sits perfectly with the soft pads and steady groove we look for in our productions.  A beautiful piece that slowly sits into your conscious stream.

Margino – Happy People

There is also very much a soulful and playful side to our characters too. At heart we are positively charged souls and there’s so much 70’s and 80’s boogie music that we continue to unearth. This is a gorgeous slice of boogie funk for the dancefloor.

Hypnotique – Le Divan

A more uptempo slice of synth pop goodness that still draws influence from the 80’s with the signature rhythms and snares. And who doesn’t love the sound of a sultry French spoken voice too 🙂 When Wood Drift pumps, it tends to follow and flow like this.

Body San – Last Breath

We’re always striving to create ambient music and soundscapes that are tinged with that sense of euphoria.

A.C. Band – Good Feelings

Summer poolside vibes aplenty here!

Mystic Jungle – Money Wonder

Tune repeat alert. That iconic drum programming sound from the Roland Cr78. But that’s not what carries this. Simplicity at its best here and what we strive to achieve with our work.

Wubble U – Time

Another key component in our music making is storytelling. We love the extended intro on this and is a great mix tool to use in your sets. An uptempo classic house number that ooozes class. Wait for the drop. A dancefloor moment!

Smith & Mudd – The Surveyor

We’re big fans of the output from Claremont 56. We love every aspect of how they package their music as well. This is simply timeless. Pure Balaeric feels here in the slow steady tempo range.

Tommy Rawson – 7 Days (12″ Digital Bonus)

Back to an uptempo bounce here. Tinged with a mature slice of funk and progressive. Very reminiscent of the vintage Spirit Catcher vibe. Another timeless masterpiece here by Tommy Rawson.

Semtek – Angel

Another example of the bounce we push for with our our sound. Simple bassline grooves and snappy rhythms with fleeting dreamy sounds layered on top. Yes please.

Trembling Blue Stars – The Rainbow

Hard to believe this was made 25 years ago. An indie pop band that formed in 1995 that unfortunately disbanded in 2010. A song with timeless lyrics that touches the soul.

Alias “Who’s Story?” – Da Journey

Classic garage rhythms, with a killer groove but with the signiature elements that turn the Wood Drift camp on. Another timeless number.

Wood Drift – Buzztap EP is out now on Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings