Alec Benjamin, Noah Cyrus, 100 Gecs & More

Alec Benjamin, Noah Cyrus, 100 Gecs & More

Looking for some motivation to help power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists including Alec Benjamin, Noah Cyrus, 100 Gecs, Caroline Polachek, Chloe George and more will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists — or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

Oliver Sim, “Sensitive Child (Soulwax Remix)”

A standout track from Hideous B******, the recent solo album from The xx’s Oliver Sim, becomes an enthralling, extended groove as Soulwax turns the shaggy rock of “Sensitive Child” into a thumping dance scorcher. The legendary dance group zeroes in on the refrain “I can feel it! When we kiss!,” and grounds Sim’s ethereal vocal take with heaps of percussion; the remix is almost six minutes long but could have been twice that length without growing the least bit stale. – Jason Lipshutz

Alec Benjamin, “Paper Crown”

The original version of Alec Benjamin’s delicate sway-along “Paper Crown” was released on his Narrated for You mixtape in 2018, and has since become a fan favorite that the singer-songwriter decided to retool as a year-end treat. The new edition of “Paper Crown” is marked by its clean production and Benjamin’s earnest delivery, which made him stand out upon the song’s original release and has helped him gain a sizable fan base in the years since. – J. Lipshutz

Eaves Wilder, “Morning Rain”

Plenty of schools are about to go on holiday break, but before that, London-based singer-songwriter Eaves Wilder has released a striking new single about being frustrated by returning to class when all she wants to do is make music in her bedroom. “Morning Rain” has a lived-in quality that nods to Wilder’s real-life experiences, with melancholic harmonies cascading over wandering piano chords and a despondent kick drum.  – J. Lipshutz

Whenyoung, “Unchained”

Irish duo Whenyoung make songs that are both mysterious and wholly engrossing — witness “Unchained,” a haunting collection of hooks and fuzzed-out guitar that possesses some dissonance underneath its surface throughout its run time. The electro-pop lane that Whenyoung occupy is crowded, but a song like “Unchained” has enough intriguing details to make the group one to watch in 2023.  – J. Lipshutz

Noah Cyrus, “Set for Life”  

Noah Cyrus is back with an expanded version of her debut full-length, The Hardest Part. New track “Set For Life” is a lush, romantic slice of singer-songwriter pop in the vein of Carly Simon with light Lana Del Rey undertones. – Joe Lynch  

$uicideboy$ and Germ, “My Swisher Sweet, but My Sig Sauer”  

On “My Swisher Sweet, but My Sig Sauer,” latest collab between $uicideboy$ and Germ, $crim and Ruby da Cherry bring a percolating combination of attitude and insecurity to a lo-fi but busy trap production with a spaced-out guitar riff, a Star Trek sample and Middle Eastern flavoring. – J. Lynch  

Mynolia, “All Things Heavy”

Mynolia’s “All Things Heavy” is like a comforting cuddle, as the folk singer’s inviting voice floats over the folky, mostly acoustic production. Also the title track off the artist’s debut album, “All Things Heavy” proves that sometimes the softest moments can make a big impact. — Lyndsey Havens

Chloe George, “Sunny D”

Built around and amplified by a crunchy chorus of harmonized “oohs,” alt-pop singer Chloe George confidently shows her range on “Sunny D.” Delivering more polished verses with Ariana Grande-like melodies right alongside grungier riffs, the song is a shining example of what an artist who contains multitudes — and isn’t afraid to explore them — can create. — L.H.

Caroline Polachek, “Welcome To My Island”

Caroline Polachek is back — and with a vengeance. On “Welcome To My Island” the pop star embraces the feminine and ferocious kicking off with swooping ethereal notes reminiscent of a siren song and before evolving into booming, arena-ready synths. The lyrics, according to Polachek, explore “conflict and frustration” as the tension sets the tone for her forthcoming album, Desire I Want To Turn Into You.Starr Bowenbank

100 Gecs, “Torture Me (feat. Skrillex)”

After taking a short break following April’s “Doritos and Fritos,” 100 Gecs — the duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady — enlist Skrillex on “Torture Me,” an amalgamation of nightcore, emo, hyperpop and rap. Les and Brady’s delivery of the song’s many questions — “Do you wanna see me bleed?/ Do you wanna torture me?/ Do you wanna see me cry?” — complements the anguish well, and allows the experimental instrumentation to shine. – S.B.